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Reorganising the website

As is common in Sweden, Aktör Edutainment had a one-page scrolling website. The top navigation didn’t work and it was difficult to clearly see what they offered and why.

As part of our Website Restructure Package we helped them define the services they offer so we could organise these clearly on the website. We split the one-page site into a fully functional multi-page website. We made it clear from the homepage what Aktör Edutainment offers and how they help their customers.

Adding calls-to-action

We made sure every page on their site has a clear goal with a compelling call-to-action, indicating what action visitors should do next, i.e. visit another page or contact the client with their booking or enquiry. We also added a compelling call-to-action in their main navigation menu (‘Take the next step’) which links through to the contact page.

Designing a new footer

We added a well-designed footer containing additional navigation, links to their social media accounts, their contact details and their latest 3 blog posts - so this information is visible on every page of the site.

Using striking images

Images are a crucial part of what this company offers, so we also guided the client in obtaining high quality, relevant images to be used on the site. The result is a visually striking website showing off the characters and personality of the actors.

Before and after video

In this before and after video you can see the changes we made to their website and why:

Client feedback

Aktör Edutainment “The collaboration with Guy and Hannah at Wildheart Media has been smooth all the way. We have received good guidance and advice, while they have been responsive to our wishes. They are also very educational, which we valued, because we are not so technical ourselves.” – Sofia Czinkoczky

Read the details of what’s included in the:

Website Restructure Package