3D Muscle Lab Logo

3D Muscle Lab is an online course created by David Keil of Yoganatomy for learning the muscles of the human body.

The brief

Alongside the Logo & Style Guide Package and New Website Package we delivered for 3D Muscle Lab, it was important that we also worked on their SEO (search engine optimisation), to help David’s new website appear higher in organic search results for relevant words and phrases.

Keyword research

The first half of our SEO Package involves our tried and tested in-depth research process. Firstly, we carried out detailed keyword research to identify the actual words and phrases people are using online when looking for the kinds of services that 3D Muscle Lab offers. Learning human anatomy is a popular subject, so it was important to find the best performing keywords for David to take advantage of.

Topic research

Next, we carried out important topic research to find the most popular online content related to learning the muscles of the human body. This will help the client to steer their ideas for future blog posts, to ensure they’re producing content that their audience actually wants to read.

Competitor analysis

The final part of the research is competitor analysis. This identifies how 3D Muscle Lab fares against their competitors in terms of organic vs paid advertising, high ranking keywords, web traffic and social media presence. This helps to identify gaps and opportunities our client can take advantage of, in order to improve their performance and rankings compared to their competitors.

Writing the SEO data

The second half of our SEO package involves carefully crafting the SEO data – focus keyword, SEO title, meta description – for each page of their website, based on the findings from our research. We then applied this data to each page of their new site.

Long-term approach

Over time, this will ensure that the 3D Muscle Lab website will start to appear higher in search rankings for relevant keywords that people are actually searching for to find the services they offer.

Client feedback

David Keil

“From the beginning of my project, 3DMuscleLab.com, I took advantage of the expertise of Wildheart Media. They did the legwork and design needed from the beginning that helped me focus on what the brand would look and feel like. They researched the marketplace that 3DML would live in, who the target audiences were, researched what the competition was doing, and then suggested an approach to create a successful online presence.

With the launch behind me, I can easily say that having a solid foundation of research and information led to a better than expected outcome. I always turn to Wildheart Media when a new project begins and you should too.”

– David Keil

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