3D Muscle Lab Logo

3D Muscle Lab is an online course created by David Keil of Yoganatomy for learning the muscles of the human body.

Developing the design concepts

David Keil – founder of yoganatomy.com, the world’s leading website for anatomy for yoga teachers – wanted to launch a stand-alone online product. This online course helps people learn the names of muscles using high quality 3D videos. David wanted to break out of the anatomy space and decided that this product needed its own name and brand, as it was targeting a new audience. He chose the name 3D Muscle Lab and set us loose on the logo design.

3D Muscle Lab logo - concept 1

This self-contained logo is designed to look like a badge or shield reflecting the learning aspect. The curvy lines give a three-dimensional feel of the contours within the body seen on an MRI. We chose a modern sans-serif font for the brand name.

3D Muscle Lab logo - concept 2

In the second logo concept we broke up the words, encasing ‘3D’ in a hollow cube to create the brand mark. This also highlights a key benefit: that the product is in 3D. For the typography we used a modernist sans-serif font with a technological and spacey feel.

3D Muscle Lab logo - concept 3

In this concept we developed the 3D aspect of the product even further by turning the square into a full three-dimensional cube. We accentuated the ‘3D’ in the title and chose another modern and technical font for the typography.

The final logo

David liked all the concepts and was torn between his two favourites: concepts 2 and 3. Eventually he settled on the more stylised and simplified concept 2 that we then brought to life with colour.

Creating a style guide

We chose a modern colour palette using orange and amber, contrasted by a series of complementary blue-greys. We used the same font for the headings as the brand itself, giving a more unified product feel to the website. For the body copy we used a highly legible and clean sans-serif font to ensure clarity and aid readability.

Applying the style guide to the website

As Wildheart was also designing a new website for David, the next step was to add the logo, colour palette and typography to the website as we designed all the pages. We also ensured that the learning platform David was using for the online course was consistent, through the use of a standardised colour palette and typography. In addition, we designed and built branded email templates to ensure a professional, consistent brand through website and email marketing.

Client feedback

David Keil

“From the beginning of my project, 3DMuscleLab.com, I took advantage of the expertise of Wildheart Media. They did the legwork and design needed from the beginning that helped me focus on what the brand would look and feel like. They researched the marketplace that 3DML would live in, who the target audiences were, researched what the competition was doing, and then suggested an approach to create a successful online presence.

With the launch behind me, I can easily say that having a solid foundation of research and information led to a better than expected outcome. I always turn to Wildheart Media when a new project begins and you should too.”

– David Keil

Read the details of what’s included in the:

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