Brand Strategy Package for spiritual entrepreneurs

Want to grow your business? Start with your WHY

Most small business owners don’t think about brand strategy when they’re starting out. There's just so much to do! We know how that feels – we've been there.

But creating a clear and simple brand strategy is essential for growing a healthy business. Here's why:

Your branding should…

  • Reflect your personality and your WHY
  • Show that you understand the problems your customers face
  • Help you create consistency in all your marketing

Navigate with purpose

Running your business without a brand strategy is like trying to navigate through the wild without a compass. Not recommended!

Our Brand Strategy Package will help you understand and explain your brand clearly. 

You'll get a chance to look at your business through a completely different lens and reconnect with your WHY so that you can resonate deeply with your customers.

What you’ll get…

  • An outside perspective on your business
  • A deeper understanding of your customers
  • Brand messaging that resonates with your audience
  • A 2-hour branding workshop to help you get to the heart of your value propositions
  • A clearly presented brand strategy document
  • A summary of the obstacles and challenges you face in your business
  • A mockup of your website homepage based on the new strategy
  • A list of recommendations for next steps

Meet the team

Ethical branding expert, Guy Anderson

Guy Anderson

Ethical branding expert

Guy has a background in branding and advertising. His mother was an art director and his father was a copywriter. 

Hannah Moss, queen of content

Hannah Moss

Content Queen

Hannah anchors the branding process with her empathetic perspective and unparalleled attention to detail.  

It's like business therapy!

Guy and Hannah are both marketing experts and coaches. We use our combined experience and insight to ask you just the right questions. This will help you explore why you do what you do, so we can help you clearly define your brand. Here’s what Danette had to say about working with us:

So worthwhile and eye-opening…

“I found the Brand Strategy Package so worthwhile and eye-opening. Hannah and Guy guided me through a process that helped me really understand myself, my motivations, my business, my expectations and hopes so much better. It was so useful to see it all laid out and the questions and framework they provided made things so much clearer. It seems crazy to launch a new website without the clarity this brings.” – Danette Watson

3 reasons why you need our Brand Strategy Package:

  • You need a clear brand strategy before you can design or redesign your logo.
  • You need strong brand messaging for your new or redesigned website.
  • You need to resonate deeply with your audience to attract more customers.

Get a resonating brand strategy for your business

for only:


(£1,150 approx.)
*Excludes 25% VAT for EU customers
(No VAT charged to UK or US customers)

A whole new insight…

“My experience with Wildheart Media was fantastic. I was a bit stuck on the direction of travel for my travel-focused website. However, the brand strategy meeting was very insightful, and offered me a whole new insight into the different possible directions I could take it in. It left me with plenty to think about, and excited about where I will be able to take it in the future.” – Mike Richards

Still not convinced? 

Check out our blog post: How important is brand strategy for spiritual entrepreneurs?