What’s the best platform for blogging?

By Hannah Moss

What's the best platform for blogging?

What’s the best platform for blogging in 2023? We dive into some great blog platforms so you can unleash your creativity and transform your digital presence.

Blogging is the virtual diary of the digital age, where thoughts find their home on the web, and ideas become conversations. It's fascinating to trace the evolution of this phenomenon – from the early days when the term 'weblog' was coined, to the vibrant blogosphere we know today. Let's dive into the vast sea of blogging platforms, and discover which is our personal favourite.

The journey begins: A brief history of blogging

Before we embark on the quest for the best blogging platform, let's take a moment to appreciate the journey of blogging itself. Born out of a desire to share personal experiences and thoughts on the internet, blogging has evolved from a niche hobby to a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike. It's like watching a phoenix rise from the ashes, but in this case, it's our creativity taking flight in the digital realm.

Navigating the blogging landscape: Websites/blogs

As we saw in our article Websites/blogs: What’s the difference?, blogs started out as an entity in their own right, but soon merged seamlessly with websites to become powerhouses of engaging online content. 

Blogger (and its subdomain service Blogspot) has been a stalwart in the blogging world, witnessing the growth and transformation of the blogosphere. With its user-friendly interface, and now being owned by Google, Blogger has long been a go-to platform for beginners. 

Nowadays, most website builders have a blog section built in. So, you can get to work creating your blog on these platforms, whether or not you also build an actual website (which we highly recommend by the way).      

A zen journey: Blogs for yoga and wellbeing businesses

Let's zoom into a niche that's close to our hearts – yoga and wellbeing. In the realm of chakras and downward dogs, a blog becomes more than just words on a screen; it's a channel for inspiration and connection. As a yoga teacher or wellness enthusiast, having a regular blog isn't just beneficial – it's a game-changer. Read Downward facing blog: Do you need to be blogging as a yoga teacher? to find out why.  

Picture this: a blog that shares your journey, wellness tips and nuggets of yogic wisdom. It's not just content; it's a community. The right blogging platform becomes your trusted ally in weaving this digital tapestry. Whether you're discussing the benefits of meditation or sharing your favourite vegan recipes, your blog is the heartbeat of your online presence.

Decoding the mantra: Why regular blogging matters

In the hustle of life, why bother with a regular blog? Well, think of it as watering your creative garden. Consistency isn't just a buzzword; it's the secret sauce that transforms a blog from a one-time read to a bookmarked favourite. For yoga teachers, it's a way to share the journey with your students beyond the mat. It's a digital retreat where your words become as essential as the practice itself.

Imagine a potential student stumbling upon your blog, seeking solace and guidance. Your words resonate, and they decide to join your class. That's the magic of regular blogging – it's a ripple effect that goes beyond the screen.

And, of course, regular blogging will do wonders for your organic SEO too. In a nutshell, Google loves original, regularly changing content. So, the more you keep this up, the more Google will show your website to people searching for relevant content online.  

The heart of the matter: Great blog platforms

So, which is the best platform for blogging? The answer is: it depends. 

Are you blogging for business or personal reasons? If for business, what kind of business do you run? What are your blogging goals and intentions? Who is your audience? Do you have a website or just a blog? (We believe both are essential for digital success.) 

According to Forbes, these are the best blogging platforms of 2023 for the following reasons: 

  • WordPress: Best for customisation [we wholeheartedly agree] 
  • Wix: Best for drag and drop
  • Weebly: Best for e-commerce blogging
  • Drupal: Best for developers [steer clear of this one unless you're a developer!] 
  • Squarespace: Best all-in-one platform
  • CMS Hub: Best for marketers
  • Medium: Best for its built-in audience

The reign of WordPress: Why it's our favourite platform

In the kingdom of blogging platforms, WordPress wears the crown. At least in our humble opinion. Versatile, powerful, and endlessly customisable, WordPress caters to the needs of bloggers from all walks of life. However, it's essential to note the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

WordPress.org: This is the self-hosted version, offering complete control over your blog. It's like having your own piece of the internet real estate. With a plethora of plugins and themes, WordPress.org is the choice for those who want to shape their blog exactly the way they envision. We build all our client websites in WordPress.org and always recommend our clients take advantage of the built-in blog section too.  

WordPress.com: On the other hand, WordPress.com is the hosted version, providing a hassle-free experience with hosting included. While it offers a quick start, the customisation options are far more limited (and potentially very frustration-inducing) compared to its self-hosted counterpart.

So, why do we tip our hats to WordPress? Simply put, it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and user-friendliness. It's the platform that grows with you, whether you're a casual blogger or nurturing dreams of digital eminence.

Crafting your digital legacy: Embrace your blog

In the vast universe of blogging platforms, each star has its unique glow. Blogger and Blogspot have been reliable companions, guiding many through their first steps into the blogosphere. Squarespace, Wix and Weebly offer simple, user-friendly introductions to building your own website and blog. However, our hearts beat in sync with the rhythm of WordPress – a platform that empowers, evolves and elevates your digital presence.

Whether you're a wellness warrior, a business hotshot or a creative soul, the best platform for blogging is the one that aligns with your vision. Let your blog be more than a collection of words; let it be a legacy, a testament to your journey.

In the symphony of blogging, your platform is the conductor, guiding each note to create a harmonious melody. So, embrace the digital pen, choose your platform wisely, and let the world hear your song.

Happy blogging!

Reaching out: Next steps 

Does all this talk of websites, blogging and content creation bring you out in a cold sweat? What, you mean I actually have to start writing words? On a page? From my own mind? 

Fear not! Simply book a free consultation and we’ll help you navigate the digital landscape with ease. In a few simple steps, you’ll be creating your online sanctuary, crafting your digital legacy and building an engaged community around what you know and love.    

To discover the other steps involved in setting up and maintaining a blog, read How to establish a blog for your wellbeing business.  

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