What is authentic content marketing?

By Hannah Moss

What is authentic content marketing?

Why have we changed our strapline to ‘authentic content marketing’? How does this change affect you and what does it mean to market your business with authenticity?

When we started Wildheart Media our strapline was “Content marketing with passion”. Our business is ever growing and evolving and it’s important for us to continually adapt to these changes. So, we recently changed our strapline to “Authentic content marketing”.

In this post we’ll explain why we made this change and what it means for both our business and our clients.

What is content marketing with passion?

Content marketing is all about building relationships. And the most important relationships for any business are with its customers. Because you can’t exactly do much business without any customers, can you?

Because content marketing is focused around your website, email marketing and social media, your main relationships actually span wider than this. It’s not just your customers you’re appealing to; it’s also your website visitors, your email subscribers and your social followers. In other words: your audience.

Your audience is the absolute heart of content marketing. The aim of successful content marketing is to build a relationship with your audience by creating content they’ll love. You want to be instilling a sense of trust and credibility by creating content they find useful, interesting, inspiring and entertaining that will keep them coming back for more. And you do this by sharing what you’re good at in your business.

In other words: content marketing is about building real relationships with your audience by sharing your passion.

Sharing is the new selling

Content marketing is not about making a quick sale. There should be no hard sell tactics or manipulating manoeuvres involved. You’re not trying to trick anyone or pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

Your ultimate goal is to build lasting relationships with your audience. Some of your web visitors will turn into email subscribers and some of your email subscribers will turn into actual customers. But often not straight away; growing your audience takes time.

In order to build trust with your audience and demonstrate your expertise, you first need to make sure your website is crystal clear about what you offer and makes it easy for visitors to take the next step with you. Once this foundation is in place you need to be publishing regular, high quality content on your website. This can be in the form of blog posts or ‘cornerstone content’ such as an FAQs page, beginners guides, tutorial videos or a Start Here page. You can find out more about this is in How to create awesome cornerstone content.

Then, you need to start sending this out to your audience via email campaigns and social media updates. You need to be publishing content they’re interested in and you need to grab their attention with each email and post. So you need to know your audience really well.

One way to help build authority in your field is to give away content in return for an email address. This provides a low-impact way for your audience to engage with you, get to know you as a brand and see if what you offer resonates with them. And it’s a great way for you to start building your email list. You can read more about this in our article Why you should give away content to grow your business.

Why authentic content marketing?

At Wildheart Media we’ve recently found our perfect niche – marketing for yoga businesses. Our team members are all dedicated long-term yoga practitioners and we’ve been helping yoga businesses grow for many years. Until now we’ve felt a certain resistance to being pigeonholed into only working with yoga businesses, but we’ve finally decided to embrace this niche with open arms! And, as is so often the way when you find the right path, things seem to be flowing much more easily for us now.

One of the reasons we believe content marketing is so perfectly suited to yoga businesses is because they both have authenticity at their core. In our experience, most yoga teachers and yoga studios are resistant to traditional marketing because it feels too fake, ‘salesy’ or even downright manipulative. And yoga isn’t something that can be sold.

But content marketing is quite the opposite. In fact, in a sense, it isn’t really marketing at all. It’s simply using your authentic voice and passion to share what you do with others. Which is exactly what you’re doing as a teacher in the yoga studio. You see, passion is a very infectious thing. And it’s your passion that will inspire passionate action in others – whether in your teaching or your marketing.

At Wildheart Media we’re passionate about content marketing. But we’re even more passionate about authenticity. Our approach is to help you share what you love with others, in a genuine way without losing your authentic voice or soul.


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